Wendy Laymon - Professional Breeder and Dog Show Handler of French Bulldogs


Breeding to the Standard of Excellence.

Wendy Laymon: Professional Dog Show Breeder - About Us

Wendy Laymon has lived in Rogersville, Missouri since the summer of 2002. I Wendy is the proud mother of  two wonderful children and the grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren.  Wendy SLaymon have raised french bulldogs for 15 years.

Some of Wendy's interests are gardening, natural healing, ballroom dancing, and Bible study.  Wendy Laymonr is certified in Natural Healing and love to study healthy living.  In 2014, Wendy Laymon was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Natural healing was used as an alternative to the traditional medicine of chemo therapy.  The results were a success.
God is so good and He is in control.